About Us

About Us

‘We believe people should have fun.  That shopping online should be simple and easy.   And when you’re making private purchases it’s kept a secret all the way to your front door.   This is our Sex Toy Shopping promise!’

Simpli Pleasure is a retailer and designer brand of intimate products that practices a minimalist philosophy and sells exclusively online.  Shopping for adult products should be discreet, exciting and tickle the imagination with fantasy; not drown the adventure through an intimidating selection of features and sizes. The design of our products is a reflection of the prestige and elegance of the people who buy them.

Our Philosophy

People come from all experience levels, and unfortunately, there’s just some things you just don’t learn from your parents (thankfully!)

We believe people should have fun, and that all elements of sexuality (from flirting, to setting the mood with your partner, SHOPPING FOR TOYS or LINGERIE!, teasing, foreplay, building excitement, learning about each other, trying new things, having a routine, breaking a routine, keeping the fire going, and detoxing after a wild weekend….) Is all supposed to be FUN!

If you ask most folks what the deal is with ‘sex toys’ the reality is most don’t know what products and product categories this industry has to offer!  And, in particular, the extraordinary benefits these products have to offer!

We are objective retailers and ambassadors of human sexuality.  Our voice is a trusted, reliable, consistent, encouraging, non-judgmental, and sex positive.

At Simpli you can learn about everything from how human arousal works to sex toys and all 150+ categories & their benefits!  Plus we have growing resource providing information beyond toys.

Our #1 value is fun, but our goal is not to be funny. We want our customers to have the fun for themselves, and our job is to share and introduce people the all the benefits and fun that can be had without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

How do people transform from timid beginners to sexually adventurous hedonists?

Who takes someone through that journey?

Articles from Cosmo or Mens Health?

A lover or a string of lovers?

What about a trusted aide, your imaginary friend who knows the true inner workings of your dirty mind, all your naughtiest secrets, and holds all the keys to unlock your most sexually satisfied self.

 We are the imaginary friend to your dirty mind.

We are that one person in your life who never judges you, who you could tell anything too, and it’s OK.

We are the insider where every stock tip is hot. We have our finger on the pulse and this is our game -> So when you learn something from us, you know it’s worth trying.

We are that special person you want to be there when you drop acid for the first time and want only your most trusted peaceful companion there with you, to guide you through the whole experience – to tell you what to expect, how to make things good, what to avoid, to tell you it’s OK and you’re OK – this is NORMAL, you’re NORMAL.

We are the person that makes your experience is safe, exciting, and fun!

That’s us.

That’s Sex Toy Shopping.

Our Mission

Coming out on top of the competition is a hard thing to do, therefore we over-deliver to customers. Getting tied up with fans is part of our customer-centric vision and by cementing the bond we promise you’ll come back for a second round.

Some companies are only focused on closing sales but that’s not our philosophy, we’re focused on the back end. After placing your order we still need to get our package in your door as fast as possible (and without anyone knowing about it). We do this by having multiple distribution centers and discreet packaging. When you place an order with us that’s just the beginning and we guarantee the royal treatment. You’ll never regret buying from us – so make your purchase now… Then light a cigarette, sit back, and relax while we ship your goods, massage your back, then spoon you to sleep.